Centennial Celebration (1808)

Photograph of the Centennial Medal

West Boylston was incorporated in January 1808. The town’s first century concluded with the destruction of the town’s financial and industrial center. Still, the town witnessed huge celebrations for its centennial. The first occurred on January 30, 1908, exactly one hundred years since the town’s official incorporation. The ceremony took place at town hall and…

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Baseball (1858)

Baseball, booklet photograph

Many people consider baseball to be America’s pastime, a sport which has united people nationwide. Massachusetts has particular pride in its baseball team—Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark in the U.S., and even non-fans of baseball surely stayed up to watch the Red Sox break the curse in 2004. The sport’s history stretches back centuries.…

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Hypnotized (1897)

Hypnotized, news article

Throughout human history, there has been one universal truth: humans get bored. And boredom causes us to break away from watching grass grow and come with something that’s actually fun. So, if people have always suffered from boredom, what did West Boylston residents do for fun 120 years ago? They got hypnotized. Mary Cook, writer…

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Literary Entertainment (1886)


Here’s another fun program from a long-past night of Literary Entertainment, February 9, 1886. The High School students once again put on entertainment for family and friends with a variety of songs, skits, speeches, and essays, followed by a whimsical farce in the second act. Also pictured is Thomas Hall, West Boylston’s former town hall…

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Memorial Day (1895)

MemorialDay, booklet

Memorial Day is on Monday, and we hope you’ll join us in remembering the men and women who have served in our town’s history. Below are images of the Program for the Dedication of the Soldiers’ Monument in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. The ceremony, which took place on May 30, 1895, included many events which are…

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Pet Show (1992)

PetShow, newspaper photograph

The Pet Show has been a tradition at the Beaman Memorial Public Library for 25 years. Here are some photos from a 1992 issue of the Banner showing kids at the first pet show.

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Tree Lighting (1914)

Tree lighting, news article

Many people attend the annual lighting of a Christmas tree on the common. Over 100 years ago, West Boylston residents were doing the same thing. On December 23rd, 1914, the town erected a grand Christmas tree on the common. The celebration involved cheery festivities, music and singing, and, of course, the decoration of the tree…

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Community Get Togethers

Image of the Centennial Medal

    Centennial Celebration of 1808       Baseball (1858)                       Literary Entertainment (1886)       Alumni Association (1889)                     Memorial Day (1895)         Hypnotized (1897)          …

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New Year’s Celebration (1897-1898)

New Years, news article

Happy New Year! At midnight, we’ll ring in the new year with raucous parties, bad singing, and counting backwards from 10. How did people 120 years ago ring in the New Year? Check out Mary Cook’s summary of events on December 31st, 1897 as the Young Men’s Social Club prepared for 1898. The Young Men’s…

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Calendar (1902)

Calendar, photograph pamflit

In 1902, West Boylston was a town in the middle of a significant transition: the Wachusett Reservoir neared completion, and its construction had already displaced many people and their places of work. The town issued a calendar for 1902 to commemorate the old town and welcome the rebuilding of a new town. Below, you can…

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