Alumni Association (1889)

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Another program from West Boylston’s past: Grand Entertainment at Sawyer Hall, April 22, 1889! For this event, the High School Alumni association put on entertainment to raise funds for their reunion. What’s more: they’ve invited a class from the Worcester Y.M.C.A., led by Prof. L.C. Havener, to show off their skills. The night starts with…

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Sesquicentennial Parade of 1958

Some photos of floats and marchers in West Boylston’s Sesquicentennial Parade in 1958! Everyone in town came out for this: local businesses, the Boy Scouts, and several Churches. West Boylston owes much of its 1808 foundation to Ezra Beaman, who advocated for his town. Initially, West Boylston was part of Shrewsbury. With help from Beaman…

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The Sesquicentennial Celebration

In 1958, West Boylston celebrated its Sesquicentennial (150th) Anniversary! Here are some photos from the festivities. In the fall of 1957, West Boylston Junior and Senior High School students entered their new high school. For the two previous years, they had attended Wachusett Regional High School during the construction of their brand new school in…

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