Alumni Association (1889)

Another program from West Boylston’s past: Grand Entertainment at Sawyer Hall, April 22, 1889! For this event, the High School Alumni association put on entertainment to raise funds for their reunion. What’s more: they’ve invited a class from the Worcester Y.M.C.A., led by Prof. L.C. Havener, to show off their skills.

The night starts with a drama, “Too Much of a Good Thing!” A quick Google search for this play yielded no relevant results, so let us know if you’ve heard of this mysterious play. Then comes Act II along with the night’s main attraction: a performance from Professor Havener’s Y.M.C.A. class. The students show off their skills in the high kick, dumbbell training, parallel bars, and other exciting activities. Professor Havener showed off his skills at Fancy Indian Club Swinging, a training exercise used by Pehlwani wrestlers in India and surrounding countries in which a person, unsurprisingly, swings two massive clubs around. The exercise helps strengthen the arms, making it a good way to train for the Pehlwani wrestlers.

 These old programs are not usually exciting, but they provide a glimpse into life in pre-reservoir West Boylston and the activities of the town. They give us a look into the popular plays and theatrical performances at the time, such as “Too Much of a Good Thing!” And, of course, people always enjoy watching well-trained athletes display their abilities. There are more old programs to upload, so check back soon!

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