The First Congregational Church (Unknown)

FirstCongregationalChurch, black and white photograph

West Boylston has become known for the Old Stone Church: a steely remnant of the flooded town, an entry on the National Register of Historic Places, a frequent attraction for visitors from around Worcester County, and, most recently, a PokéStop. But, of course, the Old Stone Church is not the only church in West Boylston’s…

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Church Postcards (1893-1903)

Church Postcard, old photograph

Postcards! We love postcards here at the Beaman Library. Mail your friends and family a scenic location or monument and share the beauty with them (or make them jealous). Take a look at this old postcard. The photo, taken sometime between 1893 and 1903, depicts the Old Stone Church, then a newly built baptist church,…

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Steeple View (unknown)

SteepleView, church photograph

We’ve seen the Old Stone Church from so many different angles that there definitely isn’t one we haven’t seen—right? Well, here’s a new one for you. The below photo was taken from the steeple of the Brick Congregational Church looking west. The Brick Congregational Church was located on East Main Street (now called Beaman Street)…

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Old Foundations (1900’s)


The Old Stone Church is West Boylston’s most famous landmark. Built just a few years before the construction of the reservoir, the Church remained as a relic of the washed away town. You can see the church on the far right in this photo nestled between St. Anthony’s Church and a house across the street.…

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Saint Anthony’s (1900’s)

SaintAnthonys 2

When you visit the Old Stone Church, you might see some rocks poking through the grass and goose droppings. Chances are, these aren’t just rocks—they’re stones from the foundations of long-gone buildings. The stones in these pictures are likely from St. Anthony’s Church which stood directly next to the Old Stone Church. The structure was torn…

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Old Stone Church (1890’s)

Old Stone Church

The Old Stone Church was built in the 1890s and used as a church for only a few years. Below we see three pictures detailing the Church’s life from its construction to modern day. In the first, the oldest, taken sometime in the 1890s or early 1900s, the Church is ready to use, with its…

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