Steeple View (unknown)

We’ve seen the Old Stone Church from so many different angles that there definitely isn’t one we haven’t seen—right? Well, here’s a new one for you. The below photo was taken from the steeple of the Brick Congregational Church looking west. The Brick Congregational Church was located on East Main Street (now called Beaman Street) and was located on that “triangle” of land where Routes 140 and 12 split. We’ve labeled the Old Stone Church and the steeple of its neighbor St. Anthony’s for you because they’re hard to find otherwise! The building on the left is the Howe Morton & Lovell Shoe Shop. This is a cool angle that we haven’t seen a lot in our old photographs, and it shows us how lush and green this area by the causeway was before the reservoir came in. Where this photo shows us a sea of leaves we now have a glittering blue reservoir, and only one building pictured has survived the past century.

SteepleView, church photograph