Tree Removal (Early 1900’s)

Stripping the Interval below the Ball Grounds, tree removal photograph

Building the reservoir took a significant environmental cost. There were the obvious casualties: trees and plants in the valley itself were cut down, their roots torn up. After the trees and buildings were gone, the reservoir’s builders dug down an extra six feet to ensure that no pollution would seep into the filled reservoir. We…

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Reservoir Finally Finished (Early 1900’s)

ReservoirIII 1 Finished photograph

The Wachusett Reservoir took over ten years to plan and build. The process started in 1895 and didn’t end until 1908. The work required the building of new bridges, roads, and fills in addition to the obvious damming of the local rivers. Below are two pictures taken near Oakdale during the construction. These photographs were…

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End of Construction (1904)

ReservoirEnd of construction

Below are two pictures taken near the end of the reservoir’s construction.Both of these pictures show a town in transition. In 1904 and 1905, this area transformed from a bustling downtown to the reservoir we know today. These images came from the Digital Commonwealth, an online resource with thousands of photographs from the State’s history.…

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Reservoir Construction (Early 1900’s)

ReservoirDuring construction photograph

When it comes to the construction of the Wachusett Reservoir, we often see the “Before” and “After.” Below are two photographs from the “During.” The first is the shell of a family home. Some homes were taken apart piece and piece and reconstructed elsewhere. Sometimes these houses remained in town, but occasionally they were bought…

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The Mills and the Reservoir

Photograph of Beaman Mill

Beaman Mill Cowee Mill Mill Workers (1800’s) The Flood of 1900 Lake Washacum Tree Removal Laborers Immigrant Workers Italian Immigrant Labor Mill Ruins Reservoir Construction   End of Construction Reservoir Finally Finished Reservoir Postcard

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