Reservoir Construction (Early 1900’s)

When it comes to the construction of the Wachusett Reservoir, we often see the “Before” and “After.” Below are two photographs from the “During.”

ReservoirDuring construction photograph The first is the shell of a family home. Some homes were taken apart piece and piece and reconstructed elsewhere. Sometimes these houses remained in town, but occasionally they were bought up and rebuilt several towns away. The house pictured below wasn’t so lucky. Its lumber was reclaimed by other buildings, but the house itself was not rebuilt elsewhere. This house was also the very first house torn down by the State. It stood across from the Beaman Tavern.

ReservoirDuring construction photograph

Next we have a mill nearing the end of its demolition. This was the West Boylston Manufacturing Company, located close to the river’s banks. In spring 1902, there was a massive flood which damaged several buildings and roads. The flood took out a main bridge, which wasn’t set for demolition for two or three years. The flood also helped demolish the West Boylston Manufacturing Co., and this photo was taken following the flood.