New Event Registration Procedure

With our new website, a new event registration system has been introduced, allowing patrons to register for upcoming programs and events online. We are very excited about this new tool, but realize you may have questions about this system. Please read below to learn about the basic registration process.

  • Navigate to the ‘News & Events’ tab. Here you will find upcoming programs and events listed in several formats including a calendar, a list and by category (i.e. For Adults, For Children, etc.). Select your preferred way to explore upcoming programs by clicking on the menu item. Once you have selected your preferred format, you can view the upcoming programs offered by the Library. The calendar and list pages also feature a filter that you can apply to customize the programs you are viewing.
  • When you find a program that interests you, click on the name of the program and/or ‘More Info’ to learn more about the program. This will provide you with additional information regarding the program as well as the opportunity to register for the program, if registration is required.
  • To register for the program, click on ‘Book Now!’ or ticket button, or scroll down to the ‘Bookings’ portion of the event page.
    Select the number of tickets you would like to reserve for the event; 1 ticket is equivalent to 1 seat at an event. For example, if you are registering only yourself, select 1 ticket. If you are registering yourself and your friend, select 2 tickets.
  • Provide the required information as indicated by the asterisks (*) in the form.
  • Click ‘I consent to my submitted data being collected and stored as outlined by the site.’
  • Click ‘Send Your Booking’.

You will receive an email stating that your booking is pending. Once your booking is confirmed by the Library, you will receive a second email stating that your booking is confirmed.

You may also manage your registrations by navigating to the ‘My Event Bookings’ menu item in the same ‘News & Events’ tab. Here you will see the status of your program registrations. You can cancel your bookings from here as well.

Going forward, we ask that patrons register for upcoming programs and events online using this tool. However, if you need help or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jessica at or 508-835-3711!