Mango Languages

Got any big plans for February? Why not take some time to explore Mango’s 75+ languages? With specialty units on everything from Romance to Ancient Greek Philosophy, you’re sure to find something to impress that special person in your life! Visit the Digital Resources & Apps page to access Mango for free with your Beaman Library card!

¿Has oído algo sobre la fiesta de este viernes? (Have you heard anything about the party this Friday?) Spanish for Romance; Lesson 4

哎,我妈说我和我男朋友的属相不合 (Sigh. My mom said that my boyfriend’s and my zodiac sign don’t match.) Chinese (Mandarin) for Zodiac Signs; Lesson 1

Ça te dit si on prend un verre de vin et une planche de fromage ? (Do you feel like having a glass of wine and a plate of cheese?) French for Wine & Cheese; Lesson 2