Beaman Family Chairs

The West Boylston Room at our library is full of all sorts of stuff accumulated over the last century. We have three chairs in our local history collection that were owned by town founder Maj. Ezra Beaman and gifted to us by his descendants.

Pictured below, the chairs have since been reupholstered and the wood refinished—but the wood is the same. While they obviously do not look the same as they did in the late 1700s, these chairs are some of the few remaining connections we have to the Beaman Tavern. The Tavern was sold in the mid-1800s and used as a tenement for mill workers before its destruction when the reservoir came.

Still, we can imagine Ezra Beaman and his large family sitting in these chairs to eat, to read, to relax…

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EzraBeaman 1

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