Photo of administrators at the dedication of the West Boylston High School

In the fall of 1957, West Boylston Junior and Senior High School students entered their new high school. For the two previous years, they had attended Wachusett Regional High School during the construction of their brand new school in West Boylston.

These pictures depict attendees of a banquet and a more formal ceremony in dedication to the new high school.

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ThomasPlunkettImageSgt. Thomas Plunkett had a choice: to flee to safety after receiving a horrific wound or to protect the flag of the nation he volunteered to defend. His decision cost him both of his arms but ultimately made him an American hero.

Born in Ireland, Thomas Plunkett moved to West Boylston as a child and lived on Merriam Farm. The Civil War began in 1861, and Plunkett enlisted in the 21st Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He was promoted to sergeant following the Battle of Chantilly: an unarmed Plunkett entered a nearby forest to search for a fallen friend but instead stumbled upon an armed Confederate soldier. Plunkett managed to disarm the soldier and take him prisoner, a remarkable act which made him sergeant.

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