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Virtual Stickerboards
Looking for a distraction or a quick break from what you are supposed to be doing? Check out the virtual stickerboard below! This is a fun, collaborative effort to fill in an image with virtual stickers resulting in a colorful picture. You may access the stickerboard at any time, but you are limited to placing only 50 stickers per day. A new stickerboard will be available at the beginning of each month!

Virtual Stickerboard #1

To access this stickerboard, simply click on this link. No additional login is required! You may place up to 50 stickers per day. So, check back often to add more stickers and watch the image take form as we all work on filling it in together. Enjoy!!

Virtual Stickerboard #2

To access this virtual stickerboard, click here. This stickerboard does not have a limit on the number of stickers you are able to place each day. Have fun!!

P.S. You and your friends can work on the image as the same time. Just let your friend(s) know when you are logging on to work on the image and they can login at the same time from their own device!

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