Photograph of Beaman Mill   Beaman Mill   Image of Cowee Mill   Cowee Mill
  Image of the mill workers   Mill Workers (1800's)   Image of the Stone Bridge   The Flood of 1900
  Photograph of Lake Washacum   Lake Washacum   Stripping the Interval below the Ball Grounds  

Tree Removal

  Photograph of the Reservoir Laborers   Laborers   Image of Immigrant Labor Camp   Immigrant Workers
  Image of Italian Immigrant Laborers Homes   Italian Immigrant Labor   Photograph of mill ruins at the reservoir   Mill Ruins
  Image of house being deconstructed   Reservoir Construction    Photo of the causeway before filling   End of Construction
  Reservoir at Thomas St. and Main   Reservoir Finally Finished   Image of a postcard of the finished reservoir   Reservoir Postcard
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