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10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
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10 AM - 5 AM

 In order that library service to the community can be performed in the most effective and efficient manner possible, the following policy governs appropriate behavior on library property. Those who fail to comply will be required to leave the premises and/or may be barred from future library use.


  1. The following activities are not allowed in the library or on library property:
  • Smoking (Massachusetts General Laws [MGL] Ch 270, Sec21 –22) and the use of tobacco products and/or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • Creating a disturbance by making noise, talking loudly, or other conduct disruptive to library patrons, staff or general library service (MGL, Ch. 272, Sec 41);          
  • Concealing library property within a patron’s bag or other container;
  • Interfering with another person’s right to use the library or with the library staff’s performance of their duties;
  • Threatening behavior including, but not limited to, violence, threats of violence, and possession of weapons;
  • Bringing animals into the library except those needed to assist a disabled person;
  • Playing audio equipment so that others can hear it;
  • Misusing the rest rooms (e.g., using them as a laundry or washing facility);
  • Solicitation by means of personal contact with library patrons;
  • Posting political notices or lobbying for a political initiative;
  • Entering “staff only” areas without express permission of a staff member;
  • Leaving a child 10years old or younger unattended in the building (See “Child Safety Policy” for further information and clarification);
  • Running, jumping, or boisterous activities within the building;
  • Sleeping, except for young children under a parent’s supervision.

2. Those who intentionally damage or deface library materials or property may be prosecuted [MGL, Ch. 266, Sec 100). Parents can be liable for damage done by a child under the age of 18 (MGL, Ch. 231, Sec 85D).

3. Theft of library materials, use of false identification to obtain a library card, or use of another person's library card without his/her permission is against state law and may be prosecuted (MGL, Ch. 266, Sec 99A).

4. Food is not allowed in the library, except at designated times or in designated areas as approved by the Library Director.

5. Beverages in covered containers are allowed; children's "sippy" cups and bottles are allowed under direct parental supervision. Patrons are required to use extra caution near computers and are responsible for cleaning up their messes. Patrons need to notify a staff member whenever a liquid is spilled.

6. The use of bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades is prohibited on library property. Bicycles should be left outside in the designated rack.

7. A patron may be required to leave athletic equipment, large parcels and bags, or other belongings deemed inappropriate, with the library staff until they are ready to leave the building.

8. Persons without shoes or shirts will not be allowed in the library.

9. Cell phones should be used considerately. Conduct all cell phone conversations in either the front (Central Street) lobby or side (Newton Street) lobby and turn off ringers while in the library.



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