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Ezra Beaman, West Boylston's Town Father (1736-1811)

  Ezra Beaman Jr bestshot   Ezra Beaman Jr. (1770-1863)
   Jabez Beaman DeathNotice1812   Jabez Beaman   John Temple restored son in law of Ezra 3  

John Temple (1762-1841)

  LydiaMariaChilds   Lydia Marie Child (1802-1880)       David Lee Child
   Newspaper article about Ann Sylvester   Ann Sylvester (1809)   David C. Murdock   David C. Murdock (1815-1886)
  Image of Thomas Plunkett   Thomas Plunkett (1840-1885)   image of Sgt. John Emerson Anderson   Sgt. John Emerson Anderson (1860’s)
   Dog Licenses from 1865    Man's Best Friend (1865)   WJBurns   W. J. Burns (1897)
  Frederick W. Cheever 1   Frederick W. Cheever (1898)   LutherRice 3   Luther Rice (1900's)
  Higgins Eugene Higgins Mary Higgins Maxwell   James F. Higgins (1900's)   Newspaper article about Arthur Taylor   Arthur Taylor
  photo of the rock that Ruth Edwards discovered   Ruth Edwards (1950's)